2016 Star Trek Voyager Rain Robins Illustration (WIP)

Having watched the Voyager episode Future´s End Part I & II (S03E08-09) recently, I had a fairly good idea of what elements to include in the illustration. Rain Robinson, enthusiatically played by comedian/writer/produce Sarah Silverman, helped save the planet and all she got for it was a thank you and when I finish a t-shirt design. After a quick google search I gathered some reference images to use while sketching.

voyager rain robins
visual references for sketching

star trek voyager illustration

Rain Robins Voyager sketches

The next step will be to combine and compose these rough sketches into an agreeable configuration that will serve as the underlay for creating the vector illustration.

Update #2 (31-03-2016)

After opening the original scanned sketch file in photoshop and enlarging the canvas to 12×12″, I cut out the individual pieces of the illustration onto separate layers; view-screen, observatory, head and texts, and organized them in a configuration that can be easily applied to a variety of media.

sarah silverman underlay

rain robinson voyager illustration underlay

I also took the opportunity to make some changes to the proportions of the facial features, re-sizing and re-positioning the eyes, nose and mouth to more closely match the reference image the drawing was based on. Although I was going to use the photo as an underlay while tweak the features, it turned out to be easier to make the adjustments manually and visually without the interference of the reference image in the background.

Update #3 (10-04-2016)

Having imported the pencil underlay into illustrator I created a new 8pt caligraphic brush and used it to outline the drawing on a separate layer. Since I´m considering hatching some of the main shadows, it wasn´t necessary to trace every single line in the underlay. That means I´ll end up leaving out some of the underlay lines and that others may get drawn in a different color. Next step will be to go back into illustrator and add another layer that will contain the main shadows.

rain robinson illustration
outlined voyager illustration

Update #4 (15-04-2016)

Even though the plan was to shade the vector tracing using hatching, I came across a reference image that I liked in the meantime and decided on going with large shaded areas to give the illustration some depth. I thinned out the outlines to match that style better and will go back through and finish the shading on the buildings and view screen.

rain robinson voyager shaded illustration
shaded vector illustration


Follow along as I make progress



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